Santa's Mail Box

Post your letter to Santa

Santa has made the Christmas Charitable Trust’s large post box in Garden Place one of his designated sites for receiving mail to him.

Print out the form available, write your letter and post it in the mail box next to the pedestrian crossing on Victoria Street in Garden Place.

The postbox will be there from November until the beginning of December so Santa has enough time to reply before he starts packing up the sleigh.


There are six mail box locations – 

  • First Credit Union on Collingwood Street
  • The Verandah Cafe at Hamilton Lake Domain
  • Te Kete Aronui – Rototuna Library
  • Western Community Centre 
  • The big post box in Garden Place (next to the Christmas Tree)! 

Writing paper is available at all sites. Writing paper for Garden Place is available from Hamilton Central Business Association in Garden Place.

If you aren’t able to get to a mailbox, feel free to email us a photo of the letter (ensuring postal details are included) by the 1st of December to: