Rules and Conditions of Entry 2023

Please read this information before submitting your application.

From the Trust Deed:

The purpose of the parade is to promote education in the performing and creative arts, New Zealand’s cultural and religious heritage and the trade and technical skills required to operate and manage large community events. The parade is operated for the benefit of all people living in Hamilton and its surrounding districts.

No person or organisation has a right to participate in the parade. The Trust has an absolute and unfettered discretion to determine who can participate in the parade and to refuse any application for participation. If the Trust declines any application to participate in the parade, the Trust is not obliged to give any reasons for its decision and its decision shall be final.

  1. The Parade event management reserves the right to refuse entry on the day to any parties that do not meet the requirements specified and/or your application is deemed unsuitable viewing for the Parade’s target audience of young children and their families. In this situation, the Entry Fee (if any) is non-refundable.
  2. The Parade is a non-political, non-opinionated, non-controversial Christmas community event and all floats submitted must adhere to this policy.
  3. The float must not be intended for promotional purposes but rather be designed to show your business’s community spirit.
  4. The float must consist of appropriate viewing ‘material’ for young children (GA rating).
  5. Each float needs an allocated representative who is present on the day and responsible for all matters regarding the float. All vehicles must be washed before the parade and display a vehicle identification sign provided by the parade organiser prior to the parade date.
  6. The float must provide its own insurance of at least 3rd party indemnity.
  7. Each float needs two safety personnel allocated who will be required to walk on each side of their float, monitoring safety and speed of their float during the Parade. These people can be dressed to suit your theme or in clearly visible clothing, e.g. safety vest. Larger floats should have four people to walk beside the float.
  8. Each float representative reports to the Parade Marshalls and/or Section Leaders at the assembly area on the morning of the event and sign in his or her float and picks up any final correspondence. All drivers and representatives must follow the direction of the marshalls in the assembly, dispersal and parade area.
  9. Your run order in the Parade, will be sent to the float representative by email the week prior to the event.
  10. Each float must obey the road rules when travelling to and from the Parade area, i.e. No passengers on board outside the designated Parade route and any vehicles or trailers supporting the float must be road legal with a current registration and Warrant of Fitness and be in excellent mechanical order.
  11. All drivers of vehicles must have a current New Zealand Driver’s Licence, which is available for viewing by the Parade Section Leaders on the day of the Parade.
  12. Automatic geared cars are preferred for Parade vehicles. Contact Event Manager if you have a query.
  13. Any float whilst in the assembly, Parade or dispersal area must not exceed a slow walking pace, of more than 5km/h.
  14. Absolutely no movement of any float vehicles will be allowed in the assembly area after 1.30pm. All floats will be required to be in position by this time.
  15. The completion of any last minute adjustments or construction may be done to your float once it is in position within the assembly area. Personnel that are involved with the completion of your float may enter the assembly area during this set up time otherwise we request that all personnel (those participating on the float) do not arrive in the assembly area until 1.40 p.m., 20 mins before Parade start. Unless, they are participating in the pre-parade at 1.15pm. Please no people in the assembly area that do not have to be there.
  16. Curtain-sider/taut liner trucks will be allowed to enter in the Parade at the Event Managers discretion. Purpose built floats constructed on flat-deck trucks, flat-deck utes, cars towing trailers will be accepted.
  17. On any of the platforms used, whether flat-deck ute, truck or trailer, secure handholds, handrails and/or seats must be provided to ensure the safety of those on the platform. All trucks must have ‘skirts’ on them (vinyl or similar) to hide mechanics.
  18. People on floats or in vehicles cannot get on or off a float while the float or vehicle is moving unless they have been directed to do so by a Parade Official and shown the manner to carry out this action, or the vehicle and float are stationary.
  19. People on floats must sit or stand in the spot they have been directed to. Hold onto handhelds or specific props only. Do not touch any moving object on the float.
  20. People walking in the Parade should not walk closely in front of a vehicle or be placed between the towing vehicle and the float.
  21. Even if your float has been accepted, if it does not meet any of the criteria on the actual Parade day, you will not be permitted to participate in the Parade.
  22. Only the one official Santa/Father Christmas is allowed in the Parade. No other person/s is to dress up like Santa.
  23. Logos, brands, or strap lines may be used if discrete and not obtrusive with the image size no more than 1800 x 600mm. ONLY THREE logos, brands or strap lines per float entry although a branded tow vehicle may be submitted. The tow vehicle should be themed. Any brands, images, strapped lines and logos etc. MUST be disclosed in your application and be pre-approved before use.
  24. Absolutely NO handouts during the Parade from Parade vehicles or whilst walking. The opportunity to disperse any handouts or giveaways must be completed prior to the Parade during pre-parade. ALL handouts must be signed off by the Trust before being distributed on Parade Day.
  25. Only Event Manager approved vehicles are allowed on the pre-Parade route while giveaways are taking place.
  26. The Parade route can only be entered when the road is fully closed to traffic and you have been directed to enter by a Parade Official.
  27. People not participating in the Parade must vacate the assembly area promptly at 1:45 p.m. on Parade Day. Please keep non-essential people to an absolute minimum.
  28. All drivers need to follow the instructions of the parade team operating Knox Street dispersal.
  29. If there are animals in the Parade the minders of the animals must feed and water animals. All animals in the parade must be listed on the application form. Animal minder/controller must have a pooper-scooper for the Parade. This is required to be used in consideration of the people following the animals.
  30. Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in your immediate exclusion from this and future Parades.
  31. The Parade management will expect a representative from your float to listen to any safety instructions. We will be checking driver’s license on the day and also WOF.
  32. Cancellation of the Parade could occur due to extreme bad weather. Any specific costs incurred due to a cancellation would be for the sponsor’s account.
  33. If you have any questions on the above please contact the Event Management team at