Become a Volunteer

Thanks for your interest in becoming a volunteer for the Hamilton Christmas Charitable Trust. Please complete one form per person.  Apply online via the forms below.

Volunteer With Us!

Contact us directly if you would prefer to download a form.

Types of Volunteer Roles

Section Leaders – each leader is delegated a section, they are to organise drivers, floats and walkers to ensure they are in correct order for the parade line up. They also communicate any problems their section has to the event coordinators and goes through safety procedures with participants.

Marshalls – in charge of public and walk along the parade to ensure no hazards occur, they are also our health and safety people who then notify the event coordinators of any injuries during the day/parade.

Float Support – volunteers will help out any floats that need extra hands or supervisors if there are not enough people to look out for children on floats. Drivers: Transport the floats to and from the parade as well as down the parade itself.

Costume Dresser – assist with helping volunteers change into costumes or characters and guide them to the parade and disburse each character and costume wearer to their designated float/section.

Office Assistant/Runner – assists the event coordinators by ensuring all tasks are complete as per run sheet and any other job that needs to be done during the day.

Character/Costume PerformersWe are seeking enthusiastic and creative individuals of ALL ages to volunteer as a Character or Costume Performer for the First Credit Union Christmas Parade.

Tree Installation application

Contact us directly if you would prefer to download a form.

This role is to prepare branches for hanging on the tree firstly and, time permitting, to assist getting décor ready for placement on the tree. Please note this is a physical role.